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Our Partners


Baker Hughes, and GE company

Baker Hughes is one of the world’s largest, but especially the most complex, companies in the Oil and Gas sector. The company is the only one in the world that simultaneously provides services and technologies for the extraction, transport, as well as processing, and use of oil and natural gas. PANAMETRICS, as an independent division of BH, operates in the field of liquid, gas, and steam flow measurement, where its products based on ultrasonic technology are among the best that the current market can provide.

BHGE is a leader in the development and deployment of digital technologies with the aim of achieving productivity, safety, and environmental acceptability at the lowest possible costs.
The portfolio of products from the field of flow measurement, humidity measurement, and gas analysis, which we represent in Slovakia, is a continuation of the long-term development of Panametrics.


The German company RHEONIK is a specialized manufacturer of Coriolis flowmeters with more than 30 years of history.
Currently, it clearly has a dominant position in the market of mass flow meters for extreme applications. Whether it is very high pressure, high temperatures of the medium or surroundings, or the need to use special and exotic materials – RHEONIK “has a solution”.
The measurement itself is ensured by the unique technology of the “torsional oscillator” coupled with measuring tubes in the shape of “OMEGA”. It is this unique arrangement that allows the manufacturer to use very massive measuring tubes while at the same time minimal transmission of oscillations from the measured pipe. The result is high-quality Coriolis flowmeters for non-standard applications in a really wide measurement range – the standard offer includes flowmeters from 0.6 kg/min to 30 tons/min!



VYMPEL is a leading Russian scientific production association with more than 30 years of history. It deals with areas of development and production covering natural gas quality measurement, and gas flow measurement and also develops and deploys automated natural gas pipeline stations in remote areas of the world. Our company is the official commercial and technical partner in the field of natural gas quality measurement. For this purpose, Vympel develops and manufactures high-end devices working on the principle of a cooled mirror and laser scanning technology. The portfolio includes manual and portable automatic devices for measuring the dew point of water and the dew point of higher hydrocarbons in natural gas, as well as stationary automatic converters of these quantities.