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PLC-based Control Systems

Nowadays, every complex technology solution cannot do without a technological process management system. To ensure the required functionality of the technology as a whole, we implement control systems from the renowned company Allen-Bradley a member of the Rockwell Automation group. By the range of the number of inputs/outputs and their functionality, they are designed for specific applications in order to optimally cover their needs, from the point of view of functionality and efficiency of the resources spent, as well as the security of the given application. Integrating the control system into the customer’s existing infrastructure in such a way as to ensure the necessary data transfer to other systems is a matter of course for us. The use of a PLC is an essential tool for achieving most goals in automation.

Micro/Nano control systems

They provide economical solutions for basic control needs for simple machines, or small applications in technology from relay replacement to simple timing control and logic. The advantages are compact dimensions, integrated I/O and communication options with other systems.

Small control systems

Control systems for “mid-range” applications offer the functions and flexibility of large systems while maintaining their compactness for smaller applications. Standard or safety-certified control units are available in compact or modular versions of I/O cards for signal processing. Typical applications include complex machine control, batch processing, control of smaller technological units, and building automation.

Large control systems

These control systems meet the most demanding application needs. They offer modular architectures with a range of I/O layout options and countless networking options. These powerful management solutions provide world-class capabilities from process to security. They are designed for distributed or local applications. Large programmable automation controllers (PACs) provide exceptional reliability and performance.