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Intech Control

INTECH CONTROL offers its business partners comprehensive solutions in the area of Measurement and Control, including all necessary related services. We also deal with the distribution, sale and service of technology as an official partner of Baker Hughes PANAMETRICS in the Slovak Republic and Hungary. We also represent Vympel GmbH and Neumann Elektronik GmbH in these countries.


The company was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of INTECH Ltd. with the intention of expanding operations in the field of Measurement and Control in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. From project and engineering work for the parent company, our work and customers quickly moved us to complex realizations. From automation, we gradually reached other related professions, as well as other branches of industry – energy, petrochemicals, metallurgy, and the like. In the period of the first decade of the new century, the company grew significantly in solutions for the transport, storage, and pumping of mineral oils, as well as oil and gas. Tax warehouses, measuring stations, dispensing terminals, gas stations, service stations, liquefaction units, and similar technological solutions throughout Slovakia are our main references in this area and in this period. The engineering approach to solutions lets us cooperate with important suppliers of technological equipment, support them, and ensure the required work to the satisfaction of the user. The “crisis” in the world caused a new view of investors not only on investment construction and engineering, which was our main activity but also on trade and sales. In order to stabilize the company, the offered services were expanded in the area of sales of goods and provision of service services. The takeover of PANAMETRIA company in 2013 was part of this intention.

Parametric, ltd. was established in 2002 as a representative of the American manufacturer of industrial instrumentation Panametrics for the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. It was engaged in the distribution, sale, and service of equipment, mainly Ultrasonic Flowmeters and devices for industrial Moisture Measurement. In 2004, Panametrics was incorporated under General Electric and Panametria continued to represent them locally. At the same time, Vortex flowmeters under the VORTEK brand, as well as RHEONIK Coriolis Flowmeters, were added to the portfolio. In the area of humidity measurement, top-of-the-line General Eastern products have been added. PANAMETRIA and INTECH CONTROL operated side by side until the end of 2016 when they were merged. Since then, we have expanded the portfolio of represented companies and reworked the processes for providing services for the sale of goods as well as services, thereby fulfilling the original intention of being a more stable and complex company on the market.

The present

Currently, our company represents an important partner in the field of Flow Measurement, Humidity Measurement, and other specific properties of liquids and gases in the industrial environment in Slovakia. Our Measurement and Control activity is mainly focused on the demanding conditions of the chemical, petrochemical, gas, and steel industries, while the emphasis is on providing complex solutions and services. INTECH CONTROL is today the exclusive and only commercial and technical representative of the manufacturer Baker Hughes PANAMETRICS for the Slovak Republic and Hungary. We are also the commercial and technical representative of Vympel GmbH.  The company continues to devote itself to complex solutions based on professional engineering supported by its own experience. In addition to the devices, it also offers the development and production of its own solutions. We obtain important references mainly in the field of combined systems for the analysis of specific properties of Natural Gas.