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Procurement and Construction

We usually provide our customers with complex services connected with the realization of their intentions, i.e. from idea/briefing to delivery of work including all necessary engineering. We combine the implementation phase with the procurement of the most suitable devices and equipment from selected reliable partners and with the implementation of all assembly work and other services necessary for the successful commissioning of the entire work. The set of related activities routinely provided by our staff consists of:

  • Selection and purchase of supplies of devices, equipment, assembly materials, and services
  • Deliveries of own and designated control/information systems in the necessary configuration
  • Creation of application software for control systems
  • Production of switchboards and cabinets
  • Assembly work of the necessary professions
  • Professional inspections and professional examinations EZ
  • Pressure and tightness tests
  • Exams and testing, training
  • Preparation of complete supplier documentation
  • Official examinations in accordance with the requirements of Decree no. 508/2009 Coll.

To provide these services, we have a team of professionals and the necessary equipment. Our company has operations in Bratislava as well as in Košice, so we are ready to serve customers practically throughout the territory of Slovakia, but also in neighboring countries. An important part of our services, combining engineering with implementation services, is the integration of multiple devices into one common system capable of ensuring the functionality required by customers, within a single delivery. These are mainly analytical systems performing a set of analyses associated with a specific technological process.