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Service services and calibrations

With our own services and in cooperation with our business partners, we provide all kinds of service and preventive inspections for the supplied devices and equipment, either directly at the installation site or at the manufacturer’s factory.

We also provide calibrations and, eventually, metrological verification of devices or device sensors in accredited laboratories of manufacturers and also in recognized laboratories of third parties. We have the necessary training and authorizations for related work.

For customers with our devices, devices, and control systems, we are able to provide regular service inspections, emergency interventions, and repairs, as well as other services on the basis of a framework contract with agreed performance conditions.

Many years of experience in the industry and close cooperation with our partners allow us to provide service/control measurements to verify the technical feasibility of the measuring principle/equipment, or to verify an existing measurement, or as a one-time or repeated measurement with the delivery of a set of measured values for various needs customer, or as measurements of operational/warranty tests of technological units or individual devices. For this, we have our own personnel and technical equipment. In the case of a request for a larger number of simultaneous measurements, we are able to provide the necessary amount of devices and operating personnel in cooperation with our partners. In the portfolio of necessary devices, we have:

  • Adjacent liquid flow measurement including heat/energy calculation and high-temperature liquid measurement
  • Attached gas flow measurement with the possibility of measuring from atmospheric pressure
  • Measurement of steam and condensate flow, including calculation of the amount of heat/energy
  • Measurement of the humidity of liquids and gases (feasibility is affected by the possibilities of sampling and processing the medium sample)

As part of the service, we also provide professional inspections and professional EZ tests, official VTZ tests, regular metrological verifications of measuring sets, repairs of metrological equipment, maintenance of specific systems for control of output (AccuLoad, MicroLoad, MFX, PetroCount, …), automatic level meters, control systems and so on.