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Sample collection and processing systems

For many years, our company has been engaged in sales, but also in the development and production of systems for sampling and processing samples for the purposes of humidity measurement and gas analysis in the industry.

The unique concept of support for analytical Panametrics allows us to bring customers proven products from a world manufacturer modified (or designed) always for a specific customer application. It means that each application is assessed separately by the manufacturer, which results in the use of a standard system, or the design and construction of a specialized system of sampling and processing. Such an approach allows us to supply customers with measurement and analysis systems providing the most efficient possible solution (from the point of view of cost-effectiveness and from the point of view of technical solution) for a specific industrial application.

Our company also has its own design and production capacities of sample collection and processing systems. Here, for a long time, we mainly focus on the integration of several analytical systems of represented manufacturers into larger (complex) units. As a result, devices for measuring multiple quantities are delivered to the customer as a whole.