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Measurement of the flow of liquids, gases, and steam in industry – references

Industry: Gas industry

Name: On-site measurement of gas flow on production probes

Customer: Nafta, a.s.

Description: In the framework of 2 projects, adjacent ultrasonic measurements of the flow of mined “raw” natural gas were delivered, installed, and activated together on six extraction probes in the Záhorie location. GE Panametrics GC868 attached measuring sets were installed on the DN80 pipes.

Industry: Steel industry

Name: Measurement of gas flow within the project of measuring and balancing the consumption of energy media

Customer: US Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Description: Within two consecutive phases of the project, we designed, delivered, and installed a total of 40 systems for measuring various gas media for the customer. The project included measurements ranging from invoicing measurements of natural gas consumption, to balance measurements of dirty gas mixtures on very large pipelines (up to DN2400) with guaranteed measurement uncertainty, to measurements of clean technical gas distributions (O2, Ar, C2H2, air). A significant part of the measurements was carried out using plug-in devices installed without interruption of operation (HOT-TAP technology).

Industry: Petrochemical industry

Name: Service measurements of liquid flow within the warranty tests of a reconstructed production unit

Customer: Slovnaft, a.s.

Description: Supply of services of adjacent ultrasonic flow measurement of various liquids within the production unit in the refinery. Measurements were carried out in two phases of the project together on more than 20 different applications (including high-temperature liquids). All measurements were carried out in an environment with a risk of explosion (Ex Zone 2), which required the fixed installation of approx. 3000 m of ultrasonic cables and approx. 150 pieces of various devices and accessories in difficult industrial conditions.

Industry: Petrochemical industry

Name: Supply of flare gas flowmeters for field burners

Customer: Slovnaft, a.s.

Description: Extensive supply of devices for measuring flare and emission gases for the customer’s field burners. The monitoring of gases burned on field burners in the petrochemical industry has several specifics (very large range of possible flow, large pressure range, unknown composition of the measured gas, …), while the solutions of the manufacturer GE in our representation represent the top on a global scale.