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Specialized industrial RS based on PLC – references

Industry: Production

Name: Receiving, storing and issuing Methyl methacrylate

Customer: Franke Slovakia s.r.o.

Description: As part of the construction project of a new factory on a green meadow, a switchboard with an Allen-Bradley Micro 850 PLC control system with a PanelView 800 operator control panel was designed and delivered. The PLC controls the process of bottling the product from the AC into the storage 100 m3 tank, monitors the status of its stocks, and controls the output of the product by pumps to the input tanks on the line for the production of kitchen sinks. Through the communication interface, it is possible to supervise this operation in the factory’s central control room from the superior Sauter system.

Industry: Logistics

Name: Receipt, storage, and issue of aviation kerosene Jet A-1

Customer: Letisko M.R. Štefánika – Airport Bratislava, a. with. (BTS)

Description: As part of the aviation kerosene warehouse reconstruction project, we designed a robust PLC Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756, L62 due to the requirements for high reliability and availability of equipment when dispensing fuel to civil aircraft. The task of the control system is to ensure the reception of Jet A-1 fuel from railway wagons into storage tanks, its storage in the storage tanks, and through the dispensing platforms, its delivery to the service tank cars of individual operators. An overview of income, warehouse and expenditure statuses is provided by the SW superstructure of the management system LPH Warehouse Balance System, which serves the needs of operating the tax warehouse. Individual meters within the tax warehouse fall under metrological control.

Industry: Petrochemical industry

Name: Level measurement in storage tanks

Customer: Slovnaft, a.s.

Description: The subject of this project was the replacement of the outdated MDP-II system with a new tank vision NXA 82x tank vision system from Endress + Hauser. Our task was to deliver the data measured by the NXA 82x device to the superior DCS control system Honeywell TDC 3000 and to process a SW application for a PC with visualization of the state of the levels in individual tanks, the number of which reached the number of 49. The deployed Allen-Bradley Micro 850 PLC is configured as a Modbus protocol converter TCP-IP/Modbus RTU between NXA 82x and DCS. Visualization on the PC is processed in the Control Web 6.0 environment.