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Systems for measuring the composition and quality of gases – references

Industry: Gas industry

Name: Systems for measuring the dew point of water and the dew point of higher hydrocarbons in natural gas

Customer: eustream, a.s.

Description: For the customer Eustream, a.s. in the course of several years, we have designed, delivered, and installed more than 10 systems for measuring the water content, the content of higher hydrocarbons, and also the concentration of O2 in natural gas. Within the framework of several projects, separate and combined systems based on products from Vympel and GE were delivered, while the integration was designed and the production was carried out by Intech Control’s own capacities.

Industry: Energy

Name: Supply of equipment for measuring the concentration of H2 and O2 in the cooling circuits of the nuclear power plant

Customer: PPA Energo, a.s.

Description: For the completion of the 3rd and 4th units of the nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice, we delivered more than 20 GE analyzers for measuring the concentration of hydrogen and oxygen in the cooling circuit of the nuclear reactor. This order was specific mainly due to strict quality requirements. The devices had to go through a demanding assessment process from the point of view of nuclear safety, including the performance of seismic tests. A significant part of our deliveries was made up of production documentation, which also had to meet the strict requirements of the nuclear energy industry.